The William Morris Suite ($225.00 per night*)

(*Price does not apply to WVU Graduation or football weekends.)

The Willliam Morris Suite

A great amount of attention to detail went into this authentically created Victorian Suite. The credit for its creation goes to Deb Wilson of Twin Papoose Design located in Fairmont, WV. Deb's personality is as colorful and beautiful as the Suite itself. She grew up in Great Britain and moved to WV as an adult. She is responsible for all the sewing in each of the rooms and suites and entirely responsible for the design and some of the furnishing in this suite. Firstly, the suite is so named for the Victorian design company of William Morris. The William Morris Suite is decorated in the style of the Victorian Period (1837-1901). The Victorian era is known for its eclectic revival and interpretation of historic styles, where a bare wall was considered in bad taste! This design mode is reflected in the queen-sized canopy encased in lace and full sized empress bed hangings and the embellished window treatments that were created for family getaways. Room size is 18 ft. x 29 ft. with a 5 ft. x 7.5 ft. foyer and a 2 ft. x 8.5 ft sitting area. William Morris was one of the most influential designers of wallpaper and fabrics during the latter half of the Victorian period. The William Morris Suite features the signature fabric, Golden Lily Minor, which was designed for the Morris Company in 1899 by John Henry Dearle. The Victorian times are viewed by historians as a peaceful era. We hope you will feel the gentle pull of the past, a return to those halcyon days as you reside in the William Morris Suite! The suite features three beds, (one Queen and two Full), a dining table with 4 chairs, and private bathroom. The bath features a shower tub. The Queen bed stands high and comes with a step stool to get into bed. This room is guaranteed to make you gasp with awe as it has everyone who has viewed it.