Woman in bridal veil

Lake Manor offers an intimate, yet elegant space for couples who are looking for somewhere unique to spend their special day. Walk down the aisle in our gallery, decorated with portraits hearkening back to the 1900s; luncheon with your friends and family under the chandelier in our dining room; and honeymoon in our elegant Esquire Suite, which features a King-size bed and a Baja spa with plenty of room for two. You can also take your pick from our four other uniquely decorated guest rooms that draw inspiration from a Safari encampment, a Caribbean beach house, the far East, or a fairy tale.

bride groom laughing dinner party

Wondering how to commemorate the day before the wedding? Adventurous bachelors and bridesmaids can skip the traditional pre-wedding party and take the bride and groom to one of our many nearby attractions. Imagine spending your bachelorette party golfing at Lakeview Resort, biking the scenic trails near Cheat Lake, or barreling down class 5 and 6 rapids on the Cheat River!

table Lake Manor is also equipped to fully cater an indoor wedding with up to 45 guests. Our lunch and dinner options start at $18.00 a plate. Dinners include an appetizer, yeast rolls, a starch of choice, mixed salad, vegetable choice, and dessert, but special requests for lunch and dinners are welcomed.

Call us at (304) 777-2594 for price quotes and to make reservations.