The Esquire Suite ($245.00 per night*)

(*Price does not apply to WVU Graduation or football weekends.)

The Esquire Room

Named for Jeff Robinette, Esq., who was responsible for the expansion of the original two thousand square foot house built in 1905, the Esquire Suit features a King size bed and a private court yard. Additional furnishings include a European carved wood couch, inlaid coffee table, and antique armoire. The high ceilings, brass chandeliers, and antique furnishings all add to the experience of stepping into an old European manor.

The Suite is located on the first floor, and generously sized at 28 ft. x 19ft., plus a 6.5 ft. x 5.5 ft. foyer. Like all our rooms, it has access to all of our in-house amenities and comes with an alarm clock, hair dryer, flat screen HD TV, and wifi access.