Richard (Dick) Longfellow: Dick was responsible for the planned renovation and conversion of two rooms into four new bathrooms on the second floor of the Manor. I have personally observed and have been told by others that Dick is very detail oriented and takes great pride in a job well done. He is not only a jack of all trades but is a master of many. He is a man of great integrity and someone that I am proud to call friend. I also enjoyed meeting Sally, the lady he refers to as his "bride".

Bob Westwood, of Westwood General Contracting: Bob, like Dick, is someone that I am proud to call a friend. As stated before, Westwood Contracting was the company that Jeff Robinette hired to expand the original house of 2400 square feet to its present 8,000 square foot size. Bob and his employee, Allen, gave me great confidence that the various jobs would be done meticulously and honestly. I am pleased to recommend his contracting company to anyone with a project, large or small. He sub-contracted jobs to a couple of very good guys as well, Brian, of Stewart electric, and Chi for the dry wall work. Bob is not only intelligent and talented but very honest and trustworthy as well.

Deb Wilson of Twin Papoose Design: Last but certainly not least, Deb helped me with my design projects. She has great vision and talent. Her eye for design is second to none in my opinion. She is not just meticulous with her sewing projects but very quick as well. She was the seamstress for all the theme rooms but was totally responsible for the creation of the William Morris Suite. She herself is a "British girl" and consequently really knows her Victorian Era. More than any other room or suite in the Manor, the Victorian suite gets the most awe inspired comments from all who have seen and enjoyed its many details.