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Executive Chef Mike Aleprete

Chef Aleprete

The Lake Manor Executive Chef Mike Aleprete has been in the culinary industry for more than 35 years. Mike began his career at the Hyatt Regency in downtown Pittsburgh, apprenticing under Executive Chef Wayne Knowles. Gaining a strong knowledge base and practical approach to managing high volume kitchens, Chef Aleprete was taken on to direct banquet operations as the Executive Sous Chef at Seven Springs Mountain Resort. After a successful 10 year run at Seven Springs, Chef Aleprete was invited by Crown America Hotels to become the corporate Executive Chef, working regionally from Washington, D.C. to Raleigh, North Carolina.

Mike's next challenge came when he decided to leave professional kitchens and move on to distribution. Mike worked as a Warehouse Operations Manager for both Imperial Produce and American Gourmet food distribution (both national operations). After a successful career Mike chose to move back closer to his native Pittsburgh, bringing him to Morgantown, WV, where he became the Executive Chef of Lakeview Golf Resort and Conference Center, and eventually where he would become a co-owner, with Dan Adams, of a starting hospitality management and consulting company, The Food-Fellas. As part of The Food-Fellas operations, Chef Aleprete served as the Executive Chef of Tee-Bonez Steak & Ale, a restaurant owned and operated by The Food-Fellas Consulting Company.

As of 2013, The Food-Fellas Consulting Company formed a symbiotic alliance with The Lake Manor whereby Chef Aleprete provides food services to guests of The Lake Manor as well as using the on-site commercial kitchen to provide catering for events booked by both The Food-Fellas and The Lake Manor. As well as his day to day operations at the bed and breakfast, Mike has a very proactive role in developing and expanding the Food and Beverage Operations Consulting of the Food-Fellas company structure.

Throughout his career, Chef Aleprete has trained many individuals in over 80 kitchens; these people include corporate chefs, high level managers in food distribution, and TV stars on reality shows aimed at hospitality.